Employee of the Month Program

Employee of the Month Nomination Form

Purpose:  The purpose of the Employee of the Month Program is to recognize employees who have served Humboldt County in an exceptional manner by exemplifying outstanding service through his or her work and exhibiting a positive and supportive attitude. 



The nominee must be a permanent employee and must be approved by his or her supervisor (which will be verified) prior to being named as the recipient of the award.


Attitude and Commitment


Interpersonal Skills


Work Performance


Personal Traits


Nominees will be judged on a point system.  Each criteria standard has a 5 point value.  Any employee can nominate a co-worker simply by filling out and submitting a nomination form.  Customers may also fill out and submit a nomination form.  They are to be submitted to the County Administrator’s Office in printed form (please do not email the nomination). 


Nominators should keep in mind the judging criteria and write the nomination accordingly.  When asked why a co-worker is deserving of the award, elaborate on your response; give specific examples; using your descriptions, draw a picture for the judges of the perfect Humboldt County employee.  Attempt to reveal in words how your co-worker met each of the criteria.


Once a month, the Employee of the Month Selection Committee will meet to review all of the nomination submissions.  Each nomination will be graded according to the previously-stated criteria and the points tallied to determine the nominee’s overall score.  The highest scoring nominee will be considered for the award.  Once this is determined, we will verify with the candidate’s supervisor that the employee is not under any disciplinary action that would cause him or her to be ineligible for the award. 


Once the selection has been finalized, the Committee will present the winner with a plaque at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Commissioners.  A recognition plaque will also be displayed in the workplace with the names of each month’s recipient.  The employee will receive a recognition button to wear to work for the month of the award.    


The Employee of the Month Selection Committee will consist of past recipients of the award.  The recipient of the award each month will automatically serve on the committee for the next 4 months.  The committee will consist of 4 past awardees.  The initial committee will be members of the County Administrator’s Office until a full committee of 4 awardees is established.  




                                                                         Employee of the

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