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Results of April 2016 Tax Auction


Excess Proceeds List


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W-9 Form

The next trustee property tax
Auction is scheduled for
April 21, 2017


All properties listed on the below Delinquent Tax Auction list were previously deeded to the Humboldt County Treasurer as trustee for the county and will be sold at public auction if not redeemed on or before March 10, 2017. 

Parcel Number
Previous Owner Location
3242-09-200-004 H2O Properties LTD Buffalo Valley Rd
3242-09-400-003 H2O Properties LTD Buffalo Valley Rd
3242-09-400-004 H2O Properties LTD Buffalo Valley Rd
3443-12-251-012 Romon, Craig Alan SE SPP Power Plant
3534-20-300-001 Weinerman, Burton & Judith etal Alpha Butte Rd
3534-28-100-001 Weinerman, Burton & Judith etal Alpha Butte Rd ext SE
3534-32-200-001 Weinerman, Burton & Judith etal Alpha Butte Rd ext
3535-33-100-002 Werner, Stephanie C S of Pronto Rd @ Co line
3537-09-401-001 Fenton, Steven C Near Rose Creek Rd
3537-09-402-007 Fenton, Jerry 6255 W Rose Creek Rd
3537-12-427-006 Patchett, James 6550 Germain Dr
3537-18-401-009 Armstrong, GJ & RJ Palmer W Rose Creek Rd
3537-21-400-001 Burns, William J & Opal Airport Vacinity
3638-29-160-006 West, Linda 402 W Railroad St
3638-30-284-003 Prather, Donald G Jr 434 Monroe St
3640-25-200-001 Bliss, Gilbert B SW of Pinson Ranch Rd
3640-25-300-001 Bliss, Gilbert B SW of Pinson Ranch Rd
3640-32-284-007 Barnes, Frederick L 165 Mansell Dr, Golconda
3640-33-101-001 Huffman, James & Denice First St, Golconda
3640-33-101-002 Huffman, James & Denice N Guernsey Ave Golconda
3640-33-102-007 Dixon, Jake N Noble Ave, Golconda
3640-33-102-010 Sabesky, Paul N Sibbald Ave, Golconda
3640-33-102-012 Cone, Michael Eloy N Sibbald Ave, Golconda
3640-33-102-017 Sabesky, Paul Second St, Golconda
3640-33-103-005 Sabesky, Paul N Sibbald Ave, Golconda
3640-33-103-010 Cone, Michael Eloy N Kramer Ave, Golconda
3640-33-103-014 Sabesky, Paul Second St, Golconda
3640-33-104-006 Dixon, Jake & Ailen Marquez N Kramer Ave, Golconda
3640-33-104-008 Lloy, Wayne N Kramer Ave, Golconda
3640-33-104-009 Dixon, Jake & Ailen Marquez Second St, Golconda
3640-33-104-011 Freiedl, Rick N Farren Ave, Golconda
3640-33-107-002 Cone, Michael N Sibbald Ave, Golconda
3640-33-127-010 Andrade, Alberto & Huendy N Adelaid Ave, Golconda
3640-33-129-002 823966 Otario N Farren Ave, Golconda
3640-33-129-006 Sabesky, Grant N Farren Ave, Golconda
3640-33-130-002 Roberts, Mike N Pearl Ave, Golconda
3640-33-130-009 Sabesky, Grant N Adelaid Ave, Golconda
3640-33-130-013 Sabesky, Grant N Adelaid Ave, Golconda
3640-33-131-002 Blake, Terry N Farren Ave, Golconda
3640-33-131-004 Khan, Enamual N Farren Ave, Golconda
3640-33-131-005 Sabesky, Paul N Farren Ave, Golconda
3640-33-132-006 Dixon, Jake & Ailen Marquez N Pearl Ave, Golconda
3640-33-132-009 Dixon, Jake & Ailen Marquez Stanford St, Golconda
3640-33-132-012 Brehmer, John P/Bacungan Christopher Stanford St, Golconda
3640-33-132-014 Brehmer, JP & Bacungan, CA Stanford St, Golconda
3640-33-151-004 Dutertre, Louis Sibbald Ave, Golconda
3640-33-305-002 Ho Shu S Guernsey Ave Golconda
3640-33-451-001 Fowler, Vernon R & Lorraine State Route 789
3642-03-400-002 Friedman, Adele M et al E of Red House Rd
3643-31-300-002 Owen, James Red House/Wt House Rds
3733-25-400-001 Colona, Elyce M E of Donna Schee Pk
3738-15-101-008 Jones, Clarence & Betty Living Trust 3455 Mark Ln
3738-21-176-003 Lambert, Victor & Pauline Trust 3130 Summerwind
3739-09-200-002 Black, Stephen Craig Jr Dutch Flat/Eden Valley Rd
3836-07-100-004 Burrows, Loree L Silver St Draw Rd Area
3838-22-200-004 Kostelny, David & Kathy US Hwy 95
3938-14-400-004 Stabler, John B Fremont St
3938-23-400-025 Stabler, Jo P & Maurice Paiute Trail Rd
3939-07-100-014 Thompson, Thelma J Springfield Rd
3939-07-100-015 Ray, Wilburn E & Christine L 6245 Browning Dr
3939-07-200-001 Campbell, Gloria Rev Living Trust Savage Dr
3939-18-100-014 Armstrong, George J Cheyenne Dr
3939-19-200-011 Barletta, Phillip J & Joseph Pioneer Dr
3943-26-300-001 Riley, John W Kelly Creek Rd area
4137-33-200-001 Anker, Victor & Beatriz N Cane Springs Rd
4137-34-100-005 Anker, Victor & Beatriz N Cane Springs Rd
4237-18-378-004 Burningham, Tory Elliott Rd


Tax auctions are held at the Humboldt County Courthouse located at 50 W. Fifth Street, Winnemucca, Nevada beginning at 10:00 am.



The minimum bid includes, but is not limited to, the aggregate amount of all unpaid taxes, together with penalties, interest and costs legally chargeable against the property.  The amount may also include liens related to delinquent sewer, special improvement district assessments, nuisance abatements and other related charges.



Only registered bidders will be allowed to bid.  You can complete a registration form with the Treasurer's office beginning one week prior to the start of the auction.



Property is sold as is.  The burden is upon the prospective purchaser to thoroughly research, before the sale, any matters relevant to his or her decision to purchase a property on the trustee property list. The County makes no warranties or claims as to the conditions, covenants or restrictions.  The County's sole interest is to recover the amounts owed.

The purchaser may not be able to obtain clear title and may not be able to obtain title insurance for the property purchased.



The Treasurer's office will issue a Treasurer's Deed to the name indicated on the registration form "Name of Ownership to be Recorded on Deed". The Treasurer's office will record the deed within 30 days of the auction date and upon completion of the recording process the original deed will be mailed to the new owner. If you wish to change the ownership name, it will be your responsibility to record a separate document.


If interested in joining our distribution list for future tax sales, please contact us by email at and include your First and Last Name and your email.


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