Handouts are routinely updated. Check with the Building Department to make sure you have the most current revision.

Building Handouts

  1. Accessible Parking ICC-ANSI 2009 (PDF)
  2. Accessible Ramp ICC-ANSI 2009 (PDF)
  3. Accessible Restroom ICC-ANSI 2009 (PDF)
  4. Affidavit for Conversion to Real Property (PDF)
  5. Alternative Electric Power Sources (PDF)
  6. Basic Code Questions Handout (PDF)
  7. Carport (PDF)
  8. Commercial Coach Set-Up Requirements (PDF)
  9. Commercial Projects (PDF)
  10. Commercial Stair (PDF)
  11. Cross Section (PDF)
  12. Deck (PDF)
  13. Design Criteria (PDF)
  14. Electric Service (Overhead) (PDF)
  15. Electrical Calculation (Residential) Worksheet (PDF)
  16. Electrical Service (Underground) (PDF)
  17. Energy Calculation Worksheet (PDF)
  18. Fire Alarm Submittal List (PDF)
  19. Fire Sprinkler Submittal List (PDF)
  20. Foundation Details (PDF)
  21. Framing Braced Wall (PDF)
  22. Fuel Tanks and Dispensing Operations Plan Submittal Check List (PDF)
  23. Garage Construction (PDF)
  24. Garage Permit Requirements (PDF)
  25. Header Schedule (PDF)
  26. Homeowner Considering Building Project (PDF)
  27. Lawn Sprinkler System (PDF)
  28. Manufactured Home - Installing a Foundation Under (PDF)
  29. Manufactured Home Basement Guide (PDF)
  30. Manufactured Home Owner Builder Statement (PDF)
  31. Manufactured Home Runners and Perimeter Foundation (PDF)
  32. Manufactured Home Set-Up Guide (PDF)
  33. Outbuilding Electrical (PDF)
  34. Owner Builder Statement (PDF)
  35. Patio Cover - Enclose Existing (PDF)
  36. Patio Cover (PDF)
  37. Permit Application - Building (PDF)
  38. Permit Application - Commercial Coach or Office Trailer (PDF)
  39. Permit Application - Electrical (PDF)
  40. Permit Application - Fire Protection Review (PDF)
  41. Permit Application - Manufactured Home or RV (PDF)
  42. Permit Application - Mechanical (PDF)
  43. Permit Application - Plumbing (PDF)
  44. Porch Mudroom (PDF)
  45. Post Frame Pole Structures (PDF)
  46. Rafter Span Tables (PDF)
  47. Recreational Vehicle (PDF)
  48. Residential Exterior Stair (PDF)
  49. Retaining Wall Handout (PDF)
  50. Sewage Disposal System (PDF)
  51. Sewage Disposal System Application (PDF)
  52. Single Family Dwelling Addition (PDF)
  53. Single Family Dwelling Permit Guide (PDF)
  54. Special Inspector Program (PDF)
  55. Storage Building (PDF)
  56. Storage Container (PDF)
  57. Temporary Electric Requirements (PDF)
  58. Temporary Utility Services Agreement Form (PDF)
  59. Three-Sided Outbuilding (PDF)
  60. Utility Burial and Support Requirements (PDF)