Parcel List

Parcel List for April 2018 Delinquent Tax Auction

Parcel NumberPrior OwnerLocationMinimum Bid
03-0571-19Anker, Victor A and Beatriz NPequitaRedeemed
04-0411-17Marino, Lawrence J and Mary JaneN/A$600
04-0411-18Marino, LawrenceN/A$700
05-0275-09Enviroecology LimitedN/A$600
05-0275-10Enviroecology LimitedN/A$600
05-0282-07Perry, LeonardN/A$700
05-0282-08Perry, LeonardN/A$400
05-0405-08Nwankwo, SolomonN/A$600
05-0542-12Rafferty, Bertha CN/A$600
05-0591-14Fisher, Jeffrey AN/A$600
05-0632-07Frontier Equity Properties LLC23925 Imlay Cutoff RoadRedeemed
05-0674-08Pratt, RobertN/A$700
05-0674-13Pratt, RobertN/A$700
05-0674-14Pratt, RobertN/A$700
06-0056-08Sanchez, Mary RN/A$1,000
06-0361-19Spartan Land and Cattle Co LLCN/ARedeemed
06-0496-42Pomin-Bair 2000 TrustGatling Drive$700
07-0161-04Bradshaw, Clarke / Teutsch, C KN/A$800
07-0161-05Prosperity Investment Group A-2N/A$900
07-0194-11Linney, Robert <N/A$700
07-0306-15Uribe, Joe A / Acosta, Arthur WN/A$700
07-0363-15Stone, Diana NavarroN/A$600
07-0531-21Rogers, Fred Trust and Lucille AN/A$300
08-0061-04Huffman, James Randall and Dennice LN/A$1,200
08-0061-05Huffman, James Randall and Dennice LN/A$1,200
08-0062-10Sabesky, PaulN/A$900
08-0062-18Dixon, JakeNorth Noble Avenue$900
08-0062-20Cone, Michael EloyNorth Sibbald Avenue$1,100
08-0062-23Sabesky, PaulNorth Sibbald Avenue$900
08-0063-13Sabesky, PaulN/A$900
08-0063-14Sabesky, PaulNorth Sibbald Avenue$900
08-0063-17Cone, Michael EloyNorth Kramer Avenue$1,100
08-0071-14Dixon, Jake Kenny and Ailen MarquezNorth Kramer Avenue$900
08-0071-16Dixon, Jake Kenny and Ailen MarquezN/A$900
08-0071-21Friedl, RickNorth Farren Avenue$1,100
08-0071-25Lloy, WayneNorth Kramer Avenue$700
08-0073-16Andrade, Alberto and HuendyNorth Adelade Avenue$1,200
08-0102-17Cone, MichaelNorth Sibbald Avenue$1,100
08-0112-18823966 OntarioNorth Farren Avenue$1,100
08-0112-19Sabesky, GrantNorth Farren Avenue$500
08-0113-18Roberts, MikeNorth Pearl Avenue$1,100
08-0113-20Sabesky, GrantN/A$700
08-0113-23Sabesky, GrantNorth Adelade Avenue$900
08-0122-23Sabesky, PaulNorth Farren Avenue$900
08-0122-24Khan, EnamulNorth Farren Avenue$700
08-0123-06Dixon, Jake Kenny and Ailen MarquezN/A$900
08-0123-08Dixon, Jake Kenny and Ailen MarquezStanford Street$900
08-0123-11Brehmer, J P and C A BacunganStanford Street$1,200
08-0123-13Brehmer, John P / Bacungan, C AStanford Street$1,200
08-0123-20Lieberman, HarryStanford Street$500
08-0142-09Sibbald, John45 South Melrose AvenueRedeemed
08-0202-01Futrell, Michael W410 East Fourth Street$2,600
08-0271-14Tinoco, Donna LEast U.S. Highway 40$900
08-0321-08Lemes, Ralph TSouth Guernsey Avenue$500
08-0321-11Lemes, RalphN/A$500
08-0323-11Ho, ShuSouth Guernsey Avenue$1,000
08-0324-16Detert, NancySouth Sibbald Avenue$500
08-0595-23Bidegary Family Trust/Salinas, GeorgeN/ARedeemed
13-0341-08O'Rear, Stephanie7030 Sundown RoadRedeemed
14-0095-06Perry, Jolinda and Perry, Dustin8180 Alta AvenueRedeemed
14-0097-04Crabtree, Melvin C and Vernal4640 Crosswind AvenueRedeemed
14-0154-05Brown, Ronald E and Marilyn E3355 East Tycana Road$4,300
15-0231-07Lal, Joginder/ Salhan, Parminder K125 East Winnemucca BoulevardRedeemed
15-0282-07Lal, Joginder / Salhan, Parminder K.1620 West Winnemucca BoulevardRedeemed