Fees and Fines

Extended Use Fees for overdue materials                                                                                                                            (all proceeds go towards improving the Collection and supporting programs)

Books and Audios - .05¢ per item every day over due date

DVDs and Tablets - .50¢ per item every day over due date

Damaged Items – Cost of the item at purchase + $5 reprocessing fee.  A new replacement of the exact same item + $5 reprocessing fee will be accepted as an alternative if a new copy has not already been ordered. 

Partially damaged items (cases, battery covers, jacket covers, lanyards, and inserts) - $3 per item.


B&W single sided - .15¢ per page

B&W double sided - .25¢ per page

Color single sided - .50¢ per page

Color double sided - .75¢ per page


Sending local or toll free – $1 per page

Sending long distance – $1.25 per page

Receiving - .50¢ per page