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Coronavirus Relief Funds Committee

Small Business Assistance Program


Humboldt County and the City of Winnemucca have been allocated a total of $3,073,687 to assist with unanticipated expenditures created by the COVID-19 pandemic.  These funds are a direct result of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) and were allocated by the State of Nevada using a per capita allocation benchmark formula.  These funds will help recuperation efforts in Humboldt County and the City of Winnemucca as they can be used for eligible expenses that have already been incurred as well as COVID-19 related costs to be incurred in the future.  

The County and City have formed a joint Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) Committee to receive and review requests for reimbursement from small businesses, medical and public health facilites, nonprofit organizations, and the education facilities for eligible expenses incurred between March 1, 2020 and December 30, 2020.  Cannot be used for loss of revenue.

Program Eligibility:

  1. Applicant must be one of the following;
  1. A business concern (corp., partnership, LLC, sole proprietor, etc.)
  2. tax-exempt veteran’s organization described in section 501 (c) (19) of the internal revenue code.
  3. A tax-exempt nonprofit organization described in section 501 (c)(3) or 501(c)(6)
  1. Applicant must have been in business prior to March 1, 2020.
  2. Applicant must be independently owned and operated.
  3. Applicant must be directly impacted by COVID-19.
  1. Applicant must be a Small Business and have 50 or fewer concurrent W-2 employees.
  1. Applicant must be a Local Business as follows:
  1. Has had a fixed office or distribution point located in and having a street address within the county for at least the past (6) months;
  2. Holds any required business license by the county or the city;
  3. Employs at least one (1) full-time or two (2) part-time W-2 employees whose primary residence is located within Humboldt County, or if the business has no W-2 employees, is at least fifty percent (50%) owned by one (1) or more persons whose primary residence(s) is located within Humboldt County; and
  1. Applicant must not have any federal, state or county tax liens. 

Allowable Expenses:

  • Personal Protective Equipment worn to minimize exposure to COVID-19 (facemasks, gloves, isolation gowns, eye protection, etc.)
  • Plexiglass shields at counters and between desks;
  • Facility modifications (hand washing stations, no-touch doors, walk-up windows, etc.) Building retro-fits not allowed for Home Businesses.
  • Materials for education about social distancing.
  • Cleaning / Sanitization supplies and equipment.
  • COVID-19 training materials, software, services or consultants.
  • Rental/Lease assistance.
  • Utility assistance (non-governmental entity). 

This is not an exhaustive list; other items may qualify. Please call 775-421-0135 or email to inquire.


Non-eligible Businesses:

  • Businesses not located within Humboldt County
  • Businesses already in receipt of or approved for federal loans and grants
  • Cannabis related businesses


What you will need to complete the application process:

  • Date business was established
  • Copy of current business license
  • Copy of Photo ID
  • Completed W-9, click here for blank W-9 Form
  • Completed Application
  • Documentation of Public Health & Safety Expenditures (copies of receipts and proof of payment)
  • Number of Employees on Payroll:  W-2 employees only, independent contractors do not count.
  • Copy of fully executed commercial lease agreement or Deed (for businesses requesting rental or lease assistance).


When will applications be accepted?

  • Applications will be accepted August 14, 2020 through September 18, 2020.  
  • If funds remain available in December a second period of application may be re-opened.
  • Applications can be submitted by mail or in person to:

Humboldt County Treasurer's Office

Covid Relief Funds

50 W. 5th Street

Winnemucca, Nevada 89445

How will funds be awarded?

Businesses must meet all eligibility requirements and must turn in a completed application including all supporting documents to be fully considered.  You will receive a letter of determination via email.  Payments will be disbursed between September 21, 2020 and October 5, 2020.